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Sponsor Work

Posted by nick on April 30, 2016

I worked the Joe's Sporting Goods spring sale last weekend for Livingston Lures, it went well talked to a lot of people about the EBS technology in all our lures and the people not familiar with Livingston were pretty amassed.

My Website is LIVE!

Posted by admin on April 14, 2016

Nick Madison Guide Services - Powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

I've taken my guide services to the next level with my website powered by Pro Sites Unlimited. Stay posted for fish reports, new sponsor releases, blog posts, photos, videos and much more. My new website is a responsive website viewable on all platforms so be sure to bookmark my site and I'll see you on the water – Crank It Up Pro Guide Services with Nick Madison

5 Tips on how to attract bass fishing sponsors

Posted by admin on August 11, 2015

Responsive angler websites powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

You are a great angler. You just won your Thursday Night Derby and finished in the top-10 of your local club’s AOY standings this year. Even more, you’ve caught a dozen bass in the double-digits. Good for you. Good for your sponsors? Not so much. 

Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh. But the fact of the matter is, bass fishing companies and potential sponsors get hundreds of letters, phone calls and emails stating similar accolades. Yes, being a good stick gets you into the game, but helping (proving) you can move product is what makes potential sponsors take note, and more importantly, make room for you on their roster.

5 steps for attracting bass fishing sponsors.

Get responsive with your angler website.

Posted by admin on July 20, 2015

Responsive Angler Websites powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

If you’ve spent any time in a coffee shop, barbershop, standing in line at the bank, idle at a stoplight, anywhere… you know everywhere you turn, someone is on a mobile device. So that’s where we put you with your responsive website.

With all new responsive designs, your Pro Sites Unlimited angler or business website scales to the device your audience can’t put down. And now you go wherever they go. It’s responsive, quick and everything you need to attract more fans and sponsors with one click.

Check out the all-new responsive designs at today.  

Attract sponsors with your angler website.

Posted by admin on July 5, 2015

Responsive Angler Websites powered by Pro Sites Unlimited

With your own personal corner on the web, you're talking to a worldwide audience. Yes, catching bass, climbing the leader board and taking your career to the next level are key. But with your own website, you're part of a billion dollar business that keeps growing by spreading the word. Sporting a sponosor logo on your jersey and putting in some time at a tradeshow are just the price of entry in today's competitive fishing market. You can either step up or step back. That's the bottom line. To keep you and your sponsors part of the conversation and ahead of the competition, your website provides the tools and communication needed to give you the edge. With one click, it's on.